What type of music lover you are?

While you are reading this sentence, more than 400K people all over the U.S. are listening to online radio. Add here active melomaniacs from Europe and we will get an audience comparable to population of a medium-sized but extremely fast growing country.
As a part of this powerful medium, we decided to figure out how New Clear Radio listeners stand out of the music lovers community.

How much of your attention can we get?

As the statistics shows, a good half of our users listen to online radio on a daily basis, while 25% admitted that it is more of a weekly ritual for them.

How often do you listen to online radio or streaming service

The same 25% of respondents spend more than 4 hours a day with their favourite online radio station, and this is not only a flattering fact but also a good explanation of our next question.

How long to do listen to music

Online radio as a productivity booster

A recent study published by FastCompany confirms that music can benefit your efficiency level at work. Not only it is a great escape from the noisy workspace, but helps you concentrate on the task.
No wonder 75% of our listeners use New Clear Radio as their background music in the office.

Do you listen to music in office

According to the same survey, there is no universal playlist recipe for being productive. The best way to achieve zen at the desktop is to listen to your favorite genre, which brings you to a better mood and activates brainwork.

What music genres you listen to

So when it comes to the musical preferences, classic rock carries the palm by far – followed by indie rock and alternative. However, as true melomaniacs stand for genres equality, we bring diversity to our broadcast as well. Thus, even stern followers of RHCP and Deep Purple actually don’t mind a bit of RnB, Pop-music and Jazz in New Clear Radio playlists – and we are thankful for that!

Growth potential

The last graphics we would like to share is a surprising gap between online radio consumers and music lovers in general.

How do you consume the music

Despite the technical progress and widespread Internet connection, more than 70% of the respondents still put their pre-arranged playlists above online streaming services. It would sound pessimistic if not the fact that in 2014 this number was twice as big as today. Specifically streaming business grew more than 90% last year (according Nielsen report) while sales of MP3 and CD went done first time during decade.

So, is it me or we are about to witness the big boom of online radio stations?

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