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Meet new stars. Lady Heroine

It’s been a while we were talking about new stars and we think it is time to come back to this practice giving a stage to new and/or unsigned bands, like we did that in past for legendary The White Trainers Community back in 2007-2008.

Without further ado we would like to introduce a band called Lady Heroine.

Lady Heroine

“Lady Heroine” is an unsigned three-piece alternative rock band from Tbilisi, Georgia. Formed by Kote Kalandadze after the dissolve of a highly influential alternative rock band “Nebo SSSR” (Sky Of USSR), the new project brings together childhood friends who grew up “craving” and sharing The Beatles, Nirvana, The Cure, The Smiths and Joy division tapes in the early 90s’. Pioneering with a new English-language album and the name of “Lady Heroine”, with their music, they hope to bring back the power and the idea of rock’n’roll, the “lady” who will set you free from this mess the music scene is today. They are ready to be introduced to the global audience in order to achieve more critical and commercial success than possible where they are today. The Band has finished recording their new album “When We Were Drunk” and would like to present it to you.

Members of the band

  • Kote Kalandadze – Vocals/Guitar
  • George Kordzakhia – Bass guitar
  • Dima Oganesian – Drums

Lady Heroine portraits


  • “Elite” (LP, 2011)
  • “Rise And Shine” (LP, 2013)
  • “When We Were Drunk” (LP, 2015)

Also you can visit their profiles are Facebook and YouTube. And starting from middle November you can hear some of their tracks on our waves.

We will be also adopting our website soon, so that more genius bands can submit their tracks to our station.

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