Apple Radio. It’s all about that buzz

how to cancel apple music subscription

Ironically enough, three months after Apple Music launch, all the popular outlets are reminding users to cancel the automatic subscription. Although, according to Gizmodo, 48% users already waved a farewell to the new service in the middle of free trial.

What type of crime has the company committed to deserve such treatment and after all, what was all the buzz around Apple Radio – Beats One?

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What type of music lover you are?

While you are reading this sentence, more than 400K people all over the U.S. are listening to online radio. Add here active melomaniacs from Europe and we will get an audience comparable to population of a medium-sized but extremely fast growing country.
As a part of this powerful medium, we decided to figure out how New Clear Radio listeners stand out of the music lovers community.

How much of your attention can we get?

As the statistics shows, a good half of our users listen to online radio on a daily basis, while 25% admitted that it is more of a weekly ritual for them.

How often do you listen to online radio or streaming service

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