Why Curated Content is the Future


As much as developers want it, certain things simply cannot be implemented by modifying the code. One can hardly count the amount of attempts to create perfect online radio powered by a robot, and yet we come back to the idea that nothing can please listeners as well as curated content. The reason is obvious. Music is about emotions in the first place, and this is where even the smartest algorithms permanently drop the ball.

Keeping up with the trend, let us review the key reasons why curated online radio content is the future.

Context is the king

Have you ever wondered why human-created playlists are so much better than recommendations from streaming services, like Spotify and iTunes Radio? Just think about it: people behind the fist three services know nothing about you, have no access to your music library or “favorite” artists. What makes them better than robots is a deep understanding of music context. There is a reason why “The New Radicals” groove goes right after “Sovereign Light Cafe”, followed by “Bittersweet Symphony” on a Saturday morning. Even though you may not have heard these names before, they are carefully picked up to create the right mood at the right moment. Continue reading Why Curated Content is the Future