Classics vs New Releases (Adele vs Bowie?)

2015 marked an interesting milestone in the history of the U.S. music industry. For the first time ever, current releases accounted for less than half of total album sales in the United States as catalog albums outsold new releases by more than four million units. Nielsen defines catalog releases as any release older than 18 months, thus including old Beatles albums as well as more dated releases of current artists.

Just ten years ago, current releases outsold classic material by 160 million units, a fact that illustrates how big of a change the industry underwent within the past decade. There are several factors that likely contributed to this trend. Online retailers and digital music stores have given consumers much easier access to older releases, allowing music fans to catch up with their favorite artists’ earlier work. Then there is the rise of music streaming, which has probably also tipped the scale in favor of catalog album sales. While the youth, more interested in current music than classic rock, has turned to streaming services, older music fans, i.e. those who still purchase albums, are more likely to buy old Rolling Stones records. Continue reading Classics vs New Releases (Adele vs Bowie?)

Why Curated Content is the Future


As much as developers want it, certain things simply cannot be implemented by modifying the code. One can hardly count the amount of attempts to create perfect online radio powered by a robot, and yet we come back to the idea that nothing can please listeners as well as curated content. The reason is obvious. Music is about emotions in the first place, and this is where even the smartest algorithms permanently drop the ball.

Keeping up with the trend, let us review the key reasons why curated online radio content is the future.

Context is the king

Have you ever wondered why human-created playlists are so much better than recommendations from streaming services, like Spotify and iTunes Radio? Just think about it: people behind the fist three services know nothing about you, have no access to your music library or “favorite” artists. What makes them better than robots is a deep understanding of music context. There is a reason why “The New Radicals” groove goes right after “Sovereign Light Cafe”, followed by “Bittersweet Symphony” on a Saturday morning. Even though you may not have heard these names before, they are carefully picked up to create the right mood at the right moment. Continue reading Why Curated Content is the Future

Get New Clear Radio for Apple, Android or BlackBerry device

We are happy to share the news and now you can take our station whereever you go: in your car, in your bedroom, in your walk and in your anywhere basically.

Download iOS New Clear Radio application from Apple iTunes Store on to your iPhone, iPad and iPod devices, enjoy music and follow the news.

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Apple Radio. It’s all about that buzz

how to cancel apple music subscription

Ironically enough, three months after Apple Music launch, all the popular outlets are reminding users to cancel the automatic subscription. Although, according to Gizmodo, 48% users already waved a farewell to the new service in the middle of free trial.

What type of crime has the company committed to deserve such treatment and after all, what was all the buzz around Apple Radio – Beats One?

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What type of music lover you are?

While you are reading this sentence, more than 400K people all over the U.S. are listening to online radio. Add here active melomaniacs from Europe and we will get an audience comparable to population of a medium-sized but extremely fast growing country.
As a part of this powerful medium, we decided to figure out how New Clear Radio listeners stand out of the music lovers community.

How much of your attention can we get?

As the statistics shows, a good half of our users listen to online radio on a daily basis, while 25% admitted that it is more of a weekly ritual for them.

How often do you listen to online radio or streaming service

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Queen to Release an Exclusive and Remastered The Studio Collection (Coloured Vinyl Box Set)

Are you a Queen’s fan? So, can you expect any better surprise? We could not and we still don’t believe it is happening.

Queen us about to release an exclusive and remastered The Studio Collection (Coloured Vinyl Box Set).

Queen Studio Collection Vinyl
Queen to release a Studio Collection Vinyl

Legendary engineer Bob Ludwig was chosen to re-master the entire project, adding to his 3000+ list of credits, before the records were cut at half speed (for extra accuracy) by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios.

Original tapes were uncovered and the best sources for each album and track were decided upon, before Ludwig made fresh 24bit/96kHz digital masters, free from any errors, clicks or unwanted noise.

The box set features 18 discs that cover 15 studio albums. The Innuendo and Made in Heaven albums were only ever released as edited versions on vinyl but are presented here in full, split across four sides of vinyl.

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